Elder Fugen's Errand10 Potions
Thick, Gooey DangoCall-of-the-wild Dango
Bunny Dango—with Eggs!Dizzybloom Dango
A Dango a DayAnaleptic Dango
Only the Good EggsBerry Safe Dango
Flying BillboardsThe Stealth Woof
Cultural ExchangeSubmarine +1
Economic StimulationSubmarine +1
Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp SecurityShrine Ruins Sub-camp
Frost Islands Sub-Camp SecurityFrost Islands Sub-camp 1
Frost Islands Sub-Camp MaterialsFrost Islands Sub-camp 2
Flooded Forest Sub-Camp SecurityFlooded Forest Sub-camp
Sandy Plains Sub-Camp SecuritySandy Plains Sub-camp 1
Sandy Plains Sub-Camp MaterialsSandy Plains Sub-camp 2
Lava Caverns Sub-Camp SecurityLava Caverns Sub-camp 1
Lava Caverns Sub-Camp MaterialsLava Caverns Sub-camp 2
Endemic Life: Rock Lizard8 Great Wirebugs
20 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered!8 Great Wirebugs
30 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered!8 Great Wirebugs
Folding InspirationOrigami Axe I
Big Brushes for Big GoalsBrush Glaive I
Boom-Boom, Bombadgy!Grass Flute I
Hinami's New InventoryNinja Parasol I
An Egg-cellent Idea?Egg Hammer I
Gift for a GreenhornKelbi Stingshot
Kagero's TrialNinja Sword I
A Token of GratitudeCornpopper I
The Radiant RhinoLadybug Cannon I
ArZZZZzzzzurosTeddybear I
Nab-a-Los!Sworn Rapiers I
Kamura's HandymanMedium's Garb - *Type 02 Utsushi (Visible) - *Type 01
Overflowing with Furry FriendsFelyne Stealth
Deliver Palamute Gear MaterialsGuarding Parasol
Palamute Gear Mass ProductionLarge Shuriken
Pala-marketing SupportStoutcore Fang
How to Train Your PalamuteHealing Blade Scroll
Master Palamute TrainerHeavy Strike Scroll
Palamute Equipment Crash CourseBlitz Scroll
Palamute Equipment EntrepreneurshipFlurry Strike Scroll