Event Quests

Flooded Forest 8★ Haste Makes Waste
Slay an Apex Arzuros 1,080pts
Sandy Plains 8★ Almudron: Fashion Victim
Hunt an Almudron 1,000pts
Flooded Forest 8★ Fooled in the Flooded Forest
Slay a Chameleos 1,200pts
Arena 8★ Heart of a Hero
Hunt a Tigrex and a Diablos 1,280pts
Frost Islands 8★ An Icy Blade So Bright
Hunt a Goss Harag 980pts
Sandy Plains 8★ Tempest in the Desert
Slay a Kushala Daora 1,200pts
Red Stronghold 8★ Rampage: Enchanting Parade
Defend the final gate 1,440pts
Frost Islands 8★ Boomy Dango
Hunt a Bazelgeuse 1,080pts
Flooded Forest 8★ Heart of Rivalry
Slay an Apex Mizutsune and an Apex Zinogre 2,400pts
Red Stronghold 8★ Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt
Slay Wind Serpent Ibushi 1,420pts
Shrine Ruins 8★ SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam
Hunt a Rajang 1,160pts
Sandy Plains 8★ Scorching Showdown
Slay a Teostra 1,200pts
Sandy Plains 8★ White Desert Blossom
Hunt a Rakna-Kadaki 710pts
Infernal Springs 8★ Heart of Might
Slay all target monsters 2,100pts
Coral Palace 8★ Gales of Ibushi Blow Again
Slay Wind Serpent Ibushi 1,030pts
Coral Palace 8★ Clouds of Narwa Rumble Again
Slay Thunder Serpent Narwa 1,200pts
Shrine Ruins 8★ Trouble in Paradise
Slay an Apex Rathalos and an Apex Rathian 2,060pts
Sandy Plains 8★ Diablos Deception
Slay 2 Apex Diablos 2,880pts
Lava Caverns 8★ Blazin' Soul of a Warrior
Hunt Magnamalo 1,310pts
Coral Palace 8★ Advanced: Born of Paradise
Slay Wind Serpent Ibushi and Narwa the Allmother 2,770pts
Infernal Springs 8★ Advanced: Crimson Calamity
Slay a Crimson Glow Valstrax 2,690pts
Arena 8★ Rajang's Holiday Special
Hunt all target monsters 1,190pts
Infernal Springs 8★ Heart of an Apex
Slay all target monsters 2,930pts
Frost Islands 8★ Frost Bites
Hunt a Lagombi, a Barioth, and a Goss Harag 1,120pts
Red Stronghold 8★ A Good Old-Fashioned Rampage
Defend the final gate 950pts
Infernal Springs 8★ Princesses' Banquet
Hunt all target monsters 1,440pts
Red Stronghold 8★ Rampage: Rampaging Rajang
Defend the final gate 1,160pts
Flooded Forest 8★ Apex Arzuros Emergency
Slay an Apex Arzuros 1,400pts
Lava Caverns 8★ Apex Rathian Emergency
Slay an Apex Rathian 1,600pts
Shrine Ruins 8★ Apex Mizutsune Emergency
Slay an Apex Mizutsune 1,920pts
Shrine Ruins 8★ Apex Rathalos Emergency
Slay an Apex Rathalos 2,300pts
Sandy Plains 8★ Apex Diablos Emergency
Slay an Apex Diablos 2,880pts
Flooded Forest 8★ Apex Zinogre Emergency
Slay an Apex Zinogre 2,880pts
Flooded Forest 8★ Super Shady Look-alike
Hunt a Nargacuga 880pts
Red Stronghold 8★ USJ - Arzuros Onslaught!
Defend the final gate 770pts
Shrine Ruins 8★ USJ - Shrine Showdown!
Hunt a Tetranadon, an Almudron, and Magnamalo 1,620pts
Shrine Ruins 7★ Beast of the Shadows
Hunt a Nargacuga 880pts
Frost Islands 7★ I Can't Do What Somnacan
Hunt a Somnacanth 600pts
Arena 7★ Heart of a Ninja
Hunt all target monsters 1,410pts
Red Stronghold 7★ Rampage: Muddi Gras
Defend the final gate 1,070pts
Sandy Plains 7★ Kunai Ask You a Favor?
Hunt a Barroth, a Rathian and a Diablos 1,290pts
Lava Caverns 7★ Monster Maniacs
Hunt a Volvidon, an Anjanath and a Tigrex 1,330pts
Arena 7★ Zin and Yang
Hunt a Zinogre and a Khezu 1,000pts
Shrine Ruins 7★ Memories of That Day
Hunt a Great Izuchi, a Mizutsune, and Magnamalo 1,130pts
Lava Caverns 6★ Out of Sight, Out of Mind's Eye
Hunt a Tetranadon 430pts
Arena 6★ The Blue Bomber's Best Bud
Hunt a Zinogre 950pts
Lava Caverns 6★ Knight in Shattered Armor
Hunt all target monsters 1,370pts
Infernal Springs 6★ Troubled Waters
Hunt all target monsters 1,180pts
Arena 6★ Nothing to Sneeze At!
Hunt 2 Bishaten 830pts
Flooded Forest 5★ Soaring Desire
Hunt a Royal Ludroth, a Pukei-Pukei and a Bishaten 970pts
Shrine Ruins 5★ Dastardly Vile Aknosom Trio
Hunt 3 Aknosom 830pts
Infernal Springs 5★ Wrestling with Pain
Hunt an Arzuros and a Tetranadon 520pts
Frost Islands 4★ Dancing Parasol, Snowy Breeze
Hunt an Aknosom 400pts
Arena 4★ The Tiniest Snowbaron!
Hunt a Lagombi 260pts
Arena 3★ Heart of a Warrior
Hunt a Goss Harag and Magnamalo 610pts
Shrine Ruins 2★ Rising Sun!?
Deliver 21 Sun Goddess Pictures 140pts
Shrine Ruins 2★ Gotta Hoard Fast!
Deliver 200 Rings 170pts
Arena 1★ Bird Wyverns of Ruin?
Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku, a Great Izuchi, and a Great Baggi 280pts