Greetings Hunter!

This is a database dedicated for the newly released Monster Hunter Rise game. Here you'll find information for equipment, items, quests, monsters and so much more.

Enjoy your stay and good hunting!



  • Updated content to game Ver.3.2.


  • Updated content to game Ver.3.0.


  • Updated content to game Ver.2.0.


  • #[Monster]: Updated physiology with labels.


  • #[Monster]: Added Monster attack data (thanks: dtlnor).


  • #[Weapon]: Fixed Rampage weapons to show their rampage slots and skills.
  • #[Weapon]: Added unlock conditions.
  • #[Armor]: Added unlock conditions.


  • #[Monster]: Added unlabelled physiology and ailment tables.


  • #[Weapon]: Added Bowgun ammo tables, crafting materials and error fixes (thanks: dtlnor).
  • #[Armor]: Added crafting materials.
  • #[Quest]: Added multiplayer stats for each monster (thanks: Deathcream).
  • #[Request]: Added all requests and their completion rewards.
  • #[Skill]: Updated with decorations links.
  • #[Map]: Added basic map images and linked to quests.


  • #[Weapon]: Added properties except for Bowguns.
  • #[Decoration]: Updated with skill links, unlock conditions and materials.
  • #[RampageSkill]: Added all rampage skills and linked to each weapon.
  • #[Quest]: Added monster stats, quest rewards and supplies for each quest.
  • #[Dango]: Added all Bunny Dango food in the canteen.
  • #[DangoSkill]: Added all Dango Skills.
  • #[ItemMixRecipe]: Added Crafting List.
  • Quite a few people requested dark mode, I actually started in dark mode however some of the game icons don't look so great with a dark background. I plan to implement both dark and light theme switching after the main work is done. I recommend a Chrome extension like "Dark Reader" that will automatically change your web pages to a dark theme.


  • First shipment of data will contain complete listings for monsters, weapons, armors, skills, quests, items, decorations, switch skills, palamute and palico equipment.
  • Page layout is NOT final as the first day is just for info dump into a generic one size fits all template. Once this is complete custom pages like those in previous databases will be made.